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As the first performance technology solution to combine GPS tracking with personalised sports science advice, PLAYR brings the expertise used by elite footballers to players at all levels.PLAYR is also the first player-led team solution available to amateur coaches. It's Squad feature allows coaches and academies to monitor team and individual progress without needing to own and operate the technology themselves.

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We are trusted and used by over 1800 elite teams worldwide.

Explore Squad

PLAYR’s Squad feature lets you compare stats within a team. Whether you’re a coach with an eye on team performance, a parent who wants to track your child’s progress, or a player in a team social setting, you’ll find a use for Squad.

Monitor team stats
Track the performance of your team: total distance, top speed, power plays and sprint distance. You can see the key aspects of your players' fitness and track their progress as they improve
Player-led ownership
The players buy the tech themselves — just download the free app to monitor their development
Privacy Control
Set the privacy setting according to whether you want sole visibility of how your players compare or allow them to view each others data to promote healthy competition within the squad
Know their positions
Heatmaps show where your players have spent the most time or where they’ve hit their highest speeds, giving you better tactical insights
Break their game down
It’s a game of two halves. You can break it down further to see how your fitness levels might be impacting your performance throughout the game
SmartCoach assistance
Leave the science bit to the in-app SmartCoach. Your players will receive personalised sports science and nutrition advice after a match or training session to help them improve between games
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