Smart Football Tracker

Take your performance to the next level with PLAYR, the latest GPS player tracking technology with personalised advice.



Small, lightweight and charged wirelessly, the SmartPod combines an advanced GPS tracker with an accelerometer, allowing you to measure your speed, distance, sprints and heat maps.

Smart to the core. +
With 1250 data points tracked per second, the SmartPod combines the latest GPS and accelerometer technologies to reveal every aspect of your game.
Easy-to-use. In every way. +
Charge wirelessly. Sync wirelessly. See your stats on your iOS or Android device within seconds of the final whistle.
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Professional grade FIFA approved GPS technology
1250 data points per second
Five hours battery life
Bluetooth sync to iOS & Android devices


Made from a four-way flex and ultra compressive fabric to provide exceptional durability, fit and comfort. The ergonomically designed pocket securely holds the SmartPod between the shoulder blades whilst you play.

Focus on the game. +
No need to press a power button - the vest does it for you. The SmartPod instantly switches on and records your activity when placed inside the SmartVest.
Used by pros. Made for you. +
Designed with years of experience working with professional athletes, the SmartVest is unsurpassed when it comes to lightweight comfort and breathability.
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Patented auto-detection technology
Ergonomic pocket design for total comfort and safety
Four-way flex & shape retention
Breathable & lightweight performance fabric

We are trusted and used by over 2100 elite teams worldwide.


Our easy-to-use app allows you to sync your sessions, quickly view your performance data, and learn how to improve your game.

Track and Analyse. +
Measure your speed, sprint, distance and power plays in every training session and match. Compare your stats against the community and professional players to see how you match up and track improvements over time.
Sport science at your fingertips. +
Our AI powered SmartCoach takes your data and schedule to give you personalised in app advice, designed with Premier League coaches, so that your preparation, recovery and nutrition can match professional levels.
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Access to expert insights

With the best coaches and sports scientists football has to offer, our in-app SmartCoach gives you advice to train smarter, and prepare better for game day. Just like the pros.

Tony Strudwick

Head of Performance
Wales FA

At Manchester United, we were pioneering a sports science strategy to innovate for our players. Now this technology is available to all players and PLAYR can be considered a game changer in that respect.

Helena Andersson

Sport Scientist & Researcher

The professionalism in the women’s game has grown quickly over the last decade. GPS technology has been an important part of this development, in understanding the match demands, so team’s are now able to manage their training load smarter.

Matt Reeves

Head of Fitness and Conditioning
Leicester City FC

Technology is key for assessing player performance and it allows us to create buy in amongst individuals where we can educate them, create a competitive spirit and monitor their improvements over time.

Chris Barnes

Performance Consultant
English Premier League

Sports science is at the heart of modern football, with experts in nutrition, sleep and recovery hugely impacting professional performance levels. The arrival of PLAYR now brings this expertise to players of all levels.

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