The only player tracking system that gets you closer to the professionals

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Track and analyse every aspect of your game like a professional

Using an advanced soccer player tracking system that detects up to 1250 movements per second, PLAYR is the only Soccer SmartCoach application that gives you a GPS heatmap alongside sprint, distance and speed data.

This technology has already transformed how professionals play the game, and now it’s available to the ambitious soccer player at every level.

Sports science brings the numbers to life

Providing the insights that matter, our intuitive Soccer SmartCoach system analyzes your data from a game or training session, and then tailors detailed advice to your performance.

From nutrition to sleep, our leading sports scientists around the world have you covered when it comes to aiding recovery, improving your fitness and ensuring efficient preparation.

Smart technology
has never been simpler

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playr smartpod
The SmartPod

Sleek, understated and charged wirelessly, the SmartPod combines GPS and sports tracking technology to give you an absolute understanding of your game.

playr smartvest
The SmartVest

The SmartVest is breathable, lightweight and based on the same design used by professional athletes and teams worldwide. Activating the SmartPod with auto-detect technology, the fabric is not only easily cared for but also stretch fit and retains shape.

The SmartCoach

From what you eat to how you sleep, all the way through to schedule management and exercise, the SmartCoach system uses advice from Premier League coaches to ensure your preparation, performance and recovery is similar to that of a professional player.

It’s time to take soccer to the next level the way elite teams and players do

How PLAYR SmartCoach will help raise your game

Get an edge over the competition with the only GPS player tracking technology that improves every aspect of your performance.

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“Technology and sports science is really important to the modern game, whether that be elite professional athletes all the way through to the amateur or aspiring footballer.”
Head of Fitness and Conditioning
at Leicester City F.C

Matt Reeves

Wearable technology tracks and analyzes your game so you get data and GPS innovation all in one place.

Enhance your preparation, performance and recovery with advanced sports science insights and expert soccer coaching via the SmartCoach system.

Track your progression over the course of a season with trends, statistics and evaluations.

See how you measure up against the professionals with a system tailored to the demands of your position on the pitch.

Be at the forefront of an ever-changing modern game with technology previously only available to elite players.

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